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What Theological Hill is Worth Dying On?

Last week I posted about the relationship theology has with ethics. I mentioned that having an accurate view of who God is, shapes our actions. With this being true, I urged that we should pursue a deeper understanding of who God is through theological study. However, when we study theology, another issue comes up. Many […]

The Link Between Theology and Ethics

In the fall of 2004, my junior year in high school, my football team ran the veer. If you are not familiar with football, the veer is an option-based offense that requires the quarterback to read certain key defenders after the snap. Depending on which defender comes free, the QB has an option to hand […]

God Is Transcendent and Immanent: Okay, Now What?

Wayne Grudem states in his book, Systematic Theology, that there are two ways in which God relates to creation. God is transcendent from creation and immanent within creation…

The Key to “Grasp God’s Word”

As I headed to the lobby I was greeted with a warm “You’re not a Cardinals fan are you?” I immediately thought, “You have got to be kidding me. Sometimes I can’t catch a break!” Matt is a lifelong Cubs fan, who grew up in Chicago. Of course the night the Cubs and Cardinals played, I had to sit through it with a die hard Cubs fan.