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The Top Sights and Sounds from Ozark Lakes 2016: Week One

It has been a really fun week here in the Ozarks. Students have arrived and provided a great energy for the summer mission. Here are the best sights and sounds from the first week! We caught up with a few students and asked them why they were excited about Ozark Lakes.

A New Perspective to Have for Ozark Lakes

Jen and I have started our Journey to Ozark Lakes Summer Mission! As we packed, loaded up the car and headed out, the butterflies in my stomach picked up momentum and are now circling around atĀ light-speed. SituationsĀ like these in life that make me very anxious. As an introvert, I can’t help but internalize all of […]

VIDEO: Invest Your Summer

Summer is one of our favorite times of the year. However, it can also be challenging. Many times we hear stories of students who wish they would have invested their summer better. Landon had shared that last summer he wished he would have been more intentional to invest his break, so we sat down with […]