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Fear, Faith and Success: The Story of Chase’s Evangelism Growth

At every Cru¬†conference, there is a day that some people don’t look forward to. Chances are, that you, like me have at some point dreaded the day we have to go into the community to evangelize. Personally, when the day comes, fear sets in on my heart and mind. Not knowing what to say, being […]

See How God is at Work on Campus: Melvin Jackson

Within Cru, life change is one of the things we love to celebrate. Often times, sharing your own story of how God has changed your life is an effective way to help someone else grow in their faith. We have encouraged our students to share this type of story as a way to reach out […]

Student Leader Spotlight: Connor Boldly Shares Christ in South Dallas

I was standing in the Omni Hotel, talking to groups of students that were considering attending the Ozark Lakes summer mission trip. After I wrapped up talking to a small group of students, Connor ran up to me grinning from ear to ear and said, ¬†“Dude, I lead someone to Christ today!” Connor and I […]

Student Leader Spotlight: Tanner Larson

The events of Thursday night’s unfold in a frantic rush for the weekly leadership team at Oklahoma State Cru. Prior to the meeting, we set up the sound, the band practices, we run through the program with the emcees, do a last minute check on the power point, pass out comment cards and pens and […]