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What the Mental Side of Golf Shows us About our Spiritual Life

As your foursome stands in a circle, one of the players flicks the tee into the air. As its flying end over end, you are hoping that it doesn’t fall pointing at you. If it does, you have to be the first to tee off in front of the people watching in the clubhouse, those waiting […]

Engaged in the Mission Series: Trevor Davis

A perk of being on staff with Cru is the connections I get to make. Many times a year I get to connect with people that are engaged in the mission of Christ and that God is using in meaningful ways across the world. Often times, I am thinking about what I have learned from others […]

The Performance Trap: Where Do We Find True Significance

The staff and students were playing basketball at the Colvin center on a Friday afternoon. Jen and I had just moved to Stillwater and began our first week on campus. We had shared the vision of Cru during follow-up appointments, we had executed our first Cru meeting, we had passed out hundreds of flyers. On […]

The Power of the Other

You know the story. You set a goal. You get pumped about the idea of accomplishing it. You create a well-designed plan to realize your goal. You start the plan. 10 days later, you have forgotten the plan even exists. This is the case all too often. Whether it’s sharing our faith, working out, eating […]

Generation Sigma Campout 2016

Each year, the men of OSU Cru host a fall camping trip. This year we drove to Skiatook, OK and camped overnight on Friday. It’s a fun opportunity to get off campus and connect outside the normal campus routine. This year we covered the four pillars of Generation Sigma. These pillars are based on the […]

A Simple Tool to Focus on Connecting to Others

Do you want to be an encouragement to non-Christians? Connecting well to non-Christians is extremely important if we want to live a life of spiritual significance. However, if you are like me, this is an area you could use some growth in. I get easily distracted from loving the people that God has placed around […]

Fear, Faith and Success: The Story of Chase’s Evangelism Growth

At every Cru conference, there is a day that some people don’t look forward to. Chances are, that you, like me have at some point dreaded the day we have to go into the community to evangelize. Personally, when the day comes, fear sets in on my heart and mind. Not knowing what to say, being […]

VIDEO: Invest Your Summer

Summer is one of our favorite times of the year. However, it can also be challenging. Many times we hear stories of students who wish they would have invested their summer better. Landon had shared that last summer he wished he would have been more intentional to invest his break, so we sat down with […]

Ben Rector on Creativity

One of my favorite musicians is Ben Rector. His musical talent combined with relatable lyrics frequently push his songs to the top of my playlists. When I stumbled across this video I was interested to hear his thoughts on writing those great lyrics. Check out this video where he talks about his creative process.

10 Industry Professionals Agree: Workplace Ministry Is Difficult

Spring Creek is a small creek running under Interstate 49 in Northwest Arkansas. On the outer banks of the creek was where Spring Creek Custom Machining was founded. Putting my Business Degree to good use, I worked for Spring Creek after college. This small family owned business was a great growing experience for me. One of the biggest things I learned: Ministry in the workplace is VERY difficult.