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An Inside Look at the Key to the Spurs Success

How helpful would it be if you could sit down with the greatest coach in the NFL and ask, “What are the secrets to your team and its success?” An hour with the CEO of Apple, Google, or Starbucks would be an extremely valuable consultation. CEO’s at that level could charge hundreds of dollars for a […]

The Power of the Other

You know the story. You set a goal. You get pumped about the idea of accomplishing it. You create a well-designed plan to realize your goal. You start the plan. 10 days later, you have forgotten the plan even exists. This is the case all too often. Whether it’s sharing our faith, working out, eating […]

Ben Rector on Creativity

One of my favorite musicians is Ben Rector. His musical talent combined with relatable lyrics frequently push his songs to the top of my playlists. When I stumbled across this video I was interested to hear his thoughts on writing those great lyrics. Check out this video where he talks about his creative process.

Winter Conference 2016: Live Feed

Jen, Ruby Kay, Kennedy and I have traveled to Ft. Worth, Texas for the Cru Red River Region’s annual Winter Conference. Here is a live feed to update you about what takes place at the conference. Update 1/5 7:00 PM Conference Recap Days three and four were busy for the Seiler family. Here is a quick rundown of […]

How I Failed Leading OkState Cru’s Weekly Meeting (and what I learned from it)

It’s Thursday night in Stillwater, Oklahoma. It’s August, smack dab in the middle of welcome week. As a student, you have had more pizza, koozies, and croakies given to you than you can carry. The flier you received from Cru is leading you and your two friends to wander around campus trying to find the […]

Student Leader Spotlight: Tanner Larson

The events of Thursday night’s unfold in a frantic rush for the weekly leadership team at Oklahoma State Cru. Prior to the meeting, we set up the sound, the band practices, we run through the program with the emcees, do a last minute check on the power point, pass out comment cards and pens and […]

5 Principles Generation Sigma Will Teach You

After a last second field goal to win the game, Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt talked to the media.  A reporter asked Richt what he told his kicker before he kicked the game winner. “I told him ‘I want you to know I love you no matter what happens…’” Richt recalled. The coach continued, “…I think student athletes, and […]

How A Car Ride in Thailand Helped Me Set Goals

Driving in the car is often when I find myself having some of the best conversations. This particular car ride had a back drop different than most of my other rides. To begin with, it was December and yet it was 90 degrees outside. The windows were up with the air conditioner on to keep the […]

Dr. Henry Cloud on Dealing with People

On Friday mornings the Oklahoma State CRU staff team gathers for our second staff meeting of the week. We recently listened to a talk by Dr. Henry Cloud on “How to Deal With People”. Here are some valuable insights: Relationships are the number one factor in determining if someone is successful or not. Imagine a ski […]