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Engaged in the Mission Series: Trevor Davis

A perk of being on staff with Cru is the connections I get to make. Many times a year I get to connect with people that are engaged in the mission of Christ and that God is using in meaningful ways across the world. Often times, I am thinking about what I have learned from others […]

Connecting On Halloween

There are people different than you all around. Each day we walk around our cities and engage with many people that are different than us. These people often have a different lifestyle, culture or ethnicity than we do. However, how often do we invest in these relationships? Even more sobering, how often do we share […]

Chalkboard Evangelism

Great job OSU Cru students! Last Thursday, our students killed it executing a Chalkboard Evangelism event. One of our strategic goals is for students to experience the three modes of Evangelism through Ok State Cru. If you aren’t familiar with the three modes of evangelism, here is a quick video to explain the idea. To realize […]

A Simple Tool to Focus on Connecting to Others

Do you want to be an encouragement to non-Christians? Connecting well to non-Christians is extremely important if we want to live a life of spiritual significance. However, if you are like me, this is an area you could use some growth in. I get easily distracted from loving the people that God has placed around […]