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Campus Update: Spring 2017 First Week

We are back on campus and can’t wait to see how God works this semester. This past week was our first back for the Spring. After many great giveaways, a leadership meeting, our first Bible study and the first Cru meeting of 2017, we closed out a great week. The week began by gathering our […]

Connecting On Halloween

There are people different than you all around. Each day we walk around our cities and engage with many people that are different than us. These people often have a different lifestyle, culture or ethnicity than we do. However, how often do we invest in these relationships? Even more sobering, how often do we share […]

Chalkboard Evangelism

Great job OSU Cru students! Last Thursday, our students killed it executing a Chalkboard Evangelism event. One of our strategic goals is for students to experience the three modes of Evangelism through Ok State Cru. If you aren’t familiar with the three modes of evangelism,┬áhere is a quick video to explain the idea. To realize […]

Behind the Scenes at Fall Retreat

This past weekend, our family joined Ok State Cru on our annual Fall Retreat. This retreat is a great chance for students to connect relationally and be challenged to grow. Here is a video that recaps a great weekend we had.

One Month Into the Fall Semester

We are back in full swing with Cru at Oklahoma State. We hit the ground running with a busy first week of events! During the first week, we handed out popsicles, donuts, pizza, Cru carabiners and over 3000 flyers to students on campus. We use these events to connect with students that are interested in […]