The staff and students were playing basketball at the Colvin center on a Friday afternoon. Jen and I had just moved to Stillwater and began our first week on campus. We had shared the vision of Cru during follow-up appointments, we had executed our first Cru meeting, we had passed out hundreds of flyers. On […]

I am fortunate enough to have many friends in different places across the world. In addition, I get the dream job of hanging out with many students every year. Whether I am talking with my uncles about the Chiefs, my college friends about baseball, or the students I work with about college football, being a […]

Whether this is your first poll or your twentieth, I would love to have you join the Sports Fan Competition. I will post the leaderboard next week. Click the picture to get started on this weeks poll.

I remember watching Peyton Manning play football when I was a kid. I remember when he set the single-season TD record. I was jealous when my friend Bo got a Manning jersey for Christmas one year. I remember being annoyed when you played against Manning in Madden because of all the time he took calling […]

It seems like every week the headlines are filled with another person taking a nose dive into character implosion. Trump. Joe Mixon. Brad and Angelina. Lane Kiffin. The Giants WR cruise. That’s just last month. These examples of questionable character undoubtedly fuel something I have been learning over the past year; How can I balance productivity and […]

How helpful would it be if you could sit down with the greatest coach in the NFL and ask, “What are the secrets to your team and its success?” An hour with the CEO of Apple, Google, or Starbucks would be an extremely valuable consultation. CEO’s at that level could charge hundreds of dollars for a […]

The culmination of another NCAA football season is here. Time for some fun prop bets to enjoy during the game…

Looking forward to a great weekend of football and even better conversation about it.

Rasool Berry spoke today at the DFW Winter Conference. It was a great challenge to view all people as made in the image of God and honor those different than you. This is a great resource if you are wondering what are good next steps to take that will deal with differences in race and […]