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2/15/17 Sports Fan Poll

Here in the poll for this week! Here is an updated leaderboard. Enjoy the week! Advertisements

2/11/17 The Sports Fan Poll

Here is the link for this weekends poll… Also, don’t forget to take a look at the leaderboard here. 

The Sports Fan: 2/1/17 Super Bowl Week

It’s the best sports event of the year. Enjoy the friends, the food, the commercials and the game! Here is the link for the poll for the week! If you would like, feel free to a bonus poll for extra points this week. Also, if you have any friends that would like to connect to […]

NEW POLL: NFL Championship Weekend 2017

Here is the poll for this week…

The Sports Fan Competition

I am fortunate enough to have many friends in different places across the world. In addition, I get the dream job of hanging out with many students every year. Whether I am talking with my uncles about the Chiefs, my college friends about baseball, or the students I work with about college football, being a […]

POLL: NFL Playoffs Divisional Weekend 2017

Whether this is your first poll or your twentieth, I would love to have you join the Sports Fan Competition. I will post the leaderboard next week. Click the picture to get started on this weeks poll.

POLL: 2017 National Championship

The culmination of another NCAA football season is here. Time for some fun prop bets to enjoy during the game…

POLL: Wild Card Sunday 2017

POLL: Wild Card Saturday 2017

Looking forward to a great weekend of football and even better conversation about it.

What is the Sports Fan?

After three nights immersed in the Colorado wilderness, my friend Tim and I ended our Senior Trip resting at Applebee’s. We had just finished climbing a 12,000 ft mountain in the San Juan National Forest. We saw the world from a vantage point that was awe inspiring. We pushed ourselves to our quitting point and […]