What the Mental Side of Golf Shows us About our Spiritual Life


As your foursome stands in a circle, one of the players flicks the tee into the air. As its flying end over end, you are hoping that it doesn’t fall pointing at you. If it does, you have to be the first to tee off in front of the people watching in the clubhouse, those waiting to play, the players on the holes around you as well as the other people in your group. If you are like me, you are far more concerned about not making a fool out of yourself and not how to hit a good shot.

One of the most fascinating podcasts I have heard in awhile talks about this inner battle.

This Golf.com podcast with Dr. Bhrett McCabe has some great insight on the mental side of golf and how that affects a players performance.

As I was listening, I couldn’t help but think of the spiritual connections.

Over the next few days, I will share three insights from the podcast and the spiritual implications.

Today, check out “What ‘The Yips’ Teach Us About Handling Temptation”.


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