Why Correct Biblical Intrepretation is Crucial


No doubt you have been here before.

Studying a new passage of the Bible brings you to this place. Having a friend from a different denomination or religion can bring you here. Reading through Romans 9-11 almost always brings me to this place.

It is a place of confusion and frustration. It makes me wonder if I have been in error my entire life.

One of the most important ways to connect to God is by reading the Bible. However, when reading a passage of the Bible, it’s common that I get to a spot and think “I have no idea what that means.”  Interpreting a passage correctly is crucial to connecting with God. Here is a great video from the Training Groud that explains why…



Our goal as followers of Christ is to become more like Christ over the course of our lives. Through consistent time in God’s Word, we strive to do that. However, have a plan of action when you come to a passage that is confusing. Here are some things that I have added to my plan to interpret better.

I hope that we all can have a deep passion for connecting to God by studying His Word. Learning how to properly interpret confusing passages is crucial to this. Take a step to do this well!



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  1. thanks for sharing!


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