Campus Update: Spring 2017 First Week

We are back on campus and can’t wait to see how God works this semester.


This past week was our first back for the Spring.

After many great giveaways, a leadership meeting, our first Bible study and the first Cru meeting of 2017, we closed out a great week.

The week began by gathering our leaders and hearing their dreams of this semester. Students shared they wanted to see God fill the room we have Cru in, have many people come to trust Christ and see every student within Cru being discipled. In addition, we were able to pray over this semester and ask God to use us on campus. It was an encouraging night!

16142899_1073949219399690_7147301337273415869_nTo share with students about our ministry, we passed out donuts and coffee on the first day of class, Ok State Cru Ice Scrapers for the Winter and then Cru Cups with a Coke in them. The first weeks on campus are crucial for our movements to get on students radar.

On Thursday night, we capped off the week with our first Cru meeting. Over the course of the semester, we are talking about difficult issues that college students wrestle with. This week Matt Walton addressed the problem of pain by sharing his story about how God has been with him during seasons of deep pain.

We always end Thursday nights with After Cru, and this week we went to Mojo’s to bowl. It was a great atmosphere and many new faces were able to connect to our student leaders.


Join us in praying that God uses this week to bring many people into relationship with Him.


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