Why Life Is About More Than Success: the Legacy of Peyton Manning


I remember watching Peyton Manning play football when I was a kid. I remember when he set the single-season TD record. I was jealous when my friend Bo got a Manning jersey for Christmas one year. I remember being annoyed when you played against Manning in Madden because of all the time he took calling audibles. I remember him leading a comeback to beat the Bucs on Monday night football. I also remember him winning the Super Bowl and then losing the Super Bowl. I remember when he beat a team in a playoff game and the offense he led didn’t punt (unfortunately that was against my favorite team who had to punt once and lost the game).

The legacy Peyton Manning left is significant. He won Super Bowls. He was league MVP. He set passing records. However, there was one thing he was known for that many people didn’t know about. Watch this Gatorade commercial to see what it is…

Peyton Manning was remembered for being relational. What a great legacy to leave behind.

We all need reminders to take the time to connect to someone. As humans, we remember the people who make a point to care about us. We all can learn from Manning about being diligent to relationally invest in others lives. I hope this video reminds you of how valuable it is. I also hope it can be a helpful illustration for you to teach others the same thing.

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