An Inside Look at the Key to the Spurs Success


How helpful would it be if you could sit down with the greatest coach in the NFL and ask, “What are the secrets to your team and its success?” An hour with the CEO of Apple, Google, or Starbucks would be an extremely valuable consultation. CEO’s at that level could charge hundreds of dollars for a piece of their advice.

It’s rare that you get access to someone who has performed and achieved at the highest level. Gregg Popovich is a three-time NBA coach of the year and five-time NBA Champion. In this video, Coach Pop gives you unfiltered, genuine insight into the steps he, his players and the Spurs organization have put into place for them to continually be the standard of success in the NBA.

As I work to help people grow, access to insight from people at this level is a great tool to reinforce creditability with my audience. When I am communicating ideas in discipleship, at a Bible Study or at the Cru Weekly Meeting, having someone like Coach Popovich reinforce the same idea drives the concept home and helps people to remember it longer. I look forward to using this video as a resource to help people grow.

Here are 5 Key’s To The Spurs Success

1. Strategy is Important, but Not As Important as Character Development

“We want players who have gotten over themselves.”

“Organization. Discipline. Selflessness. These are more important than X’s and O’s.”



2. A Collaborative Environment Is Where Ownership Happens

“When people are marking their territory, the walls go up, and then it’s over.”

“We have a participatory culture…”

“I don’t care where an idea comes from. You have to be comfortable enough in your own skin to realize (this).”

“If we win a championship or lose in the first round, we did it together!”


3. The Importance of Valuing Different Leadership Styles

“People lead differently. Avery Johson was a vocal leader…Tim Duncan was a leader by example.”

“We try to generate (leadership opportunities) during timeouts…Leaders know during the timeout, I want them to talk (and lead).”


4. Have One Clear Objective for Your Team to Focus On

“You want to get your knowledge out to make people better. You’re not making them better!”

“Instead of telling them six things…pick something (to focus on).”


5. You Can’t Skip Steps on the way to Growth

“You can’t skip steps.”

“Pride in the process…is what grows character.”

“What sustains you the in playoffs…is (the process).”



I am always looking for ways to clearly illustrate concepts like character development, leadership, ownership, and the value of a process. If you are a coach, mentor or leader in any discipline, you are frequently teaching these ideas as well. I hope that hearing from an expert like Coach Popovich will reinforce the value of these ideas and help you explain them with credibility next time you teach them. In addition, here are more illustrations and resources I have found helpful.



Thanks to FIBA for posting this coaching clinic talk. You can watch the entire video here:

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