What is the Sports Fan?


After three nights immersed in the Colorado wilderness, my friend Tim and I ended our Senior Trip resting at Applebee’s. We had just finished climbing a 12,000 ft mountain in the San Juan National Forest. We saw the world from a vantage point that was awe inspiring. We pushed ourselves to our quitting point and came back for more. We experienced a freshness to life in Colorado like we hadn’t before. With all of those great memories fresh in our mind,  when we got back to town, what did we find ourselves discussing during that meal? A sharp disagreement about the greatest QB of all time.

What do most people love about sports?

Rivalries? For sure.

Memoires? Without a doubt!

Fantasy Sports? Yes, please.

However, I think most people love the conversation. When I say Chicago Cubs, Tim Tebow, Soccer, Michael Jordan isn’t the best NBA player ever or, SEC! SEC! SEC!… it elicits a response.

The conversation is what draws me to sports. I wanted to create a place where people can debate, discuss and connect over sports.

Let’s begin…

Click here learn more about the Sports Fan Competition. 

(By the way its Joe Montana)

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