Why Going Grows Our Faith

govember-quote-4I probably should have invited that person to Bible study. What if I would have reached out to this other person and shared the gospel with them. I understand how valuable multiplying discipleship is, but I haven’t made it a priority.

Distractions are all around us. If we aren’t careful, we find ourselves having similar thoughts too often. Then before we know it, we are running dangerously close to slipping off into consumer Christianity where we fail to have any signficant influence in people’s lives.

I don’t think that most followers of Christ make a conscious decision not to disciple, not to evangelize or not to reach out of their context. I think most of us are well meaning people and generally want to see others come to know Christ, grow in their faith and play a role in the Great Commission. However, when we don’t prioritize this in our lives, we stop having an influence.

At Oklahoma State Cru, our desire is for all of our students to handle the distractions of life and fight to have a signficant influence in people’s lives for Christ. We call this type of person a “Sent one” and living as a Sent One is a trait we try to cultivate in each student. When people have a rich love for God and then are motivated to be a good steward of the Great Commission, they will have impact that is significant in their lives beyond college.

As we try to develop Sent Ones, we have found one thing that almost always cultivates this posture. That one thing is, going to the world!

govember-quote-6Spending time in another context, especially an international one, almost always cultivates a deeper passion to see people come to know Christ. While in another context we also experience significant growth in our love for, understanding of and dependence upon God.

We would love every student that comes through our doors to spend time doing ministry overseas. Whether it’s for one week, one month, one year or a life time, spending time overseas is the most significant thing we can do to develop a Sent One.

To explain this to our students, we launched #GOvember this past month. For the entire month of November we celebrated how God is at work in the world. In our Cru meetings, our leadership times, Bible studies and on social media, the focus for the entire month was, “How is God at work in the world and how can I play a part?”

govember-quote-3By spending time focusing on reaching the world, we hope to cultivate an environment in our movement that sends people away from OSU equipped for a lifetime of ministry.

“How is God at work in the world and how can I play a part?”

Join us in praying that our students will take steps of faith and go to the world in some capacity over the next few years!


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