One Month Into the Fall Semester


We are back in full swing with Cru at Oklahoma State. We hit the ground running with a busy first week of events! During the first week, we handed out popsicles, donuts, pizza, Cru carabiners and over 3000 flyers to students on campus. We use these events to connect with students that are interested in getting involved in a ministry. Another effective thing that these events create is awareness for our ministry on campus.  The week culminates in the first Cru meeting of the semester on Thursday night.



Over the past few weeks, we have been focused on connecting with each student we met and getting them plugged into our Bible studies. I have co-led a freshman Bible study on Monday nights. I co-lead with MacKenzee, a girl that Jen disciples and Christian, a guy that I disciple. Chrisitan and MacKenzee are doing a great job leading the freshman Bible study to be a place where you can feel valued but also hear from God’s Word to help you grow. We are very proud of them.

This weekend is our fall retreat, one of the best things we do with Cru.

Please join us in praying that students will

  1. Learn more about God.
  2. Connect to each other well.
  3. Take a step of faith to leave a spiritual legacy at OSU.



We have seen a successful launch of our leadership development program called M29.

We have shared the gospel with 30+ students this last month.

We are seeing our juniors and seniors own the idea of making our Cru meeting warm and relational to outsiders.

In addition, the juniors and seniors are beginning the process of discipling the freshmen we have connected with.

We are excited to see what God does this year!



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