Monthly Archives: June 2016

Fear, Faith and Success: The Story of Chase’s Evangelism Growth

At every Cru conference, there is a day that some people don’t look forward to. Chances are, that you, like me have at some point dreaded the day we have to go into the community to evangelize. Personally, when the day comes, fear sets in on my heart and mind. Not knowing what to say, being […]

Mens Staff Meeting on Lake Taneycomo

Each Tuesday the men’s staff at Ozark Lakes have our weekly staff meeting. It has been a great time to connect to the men on project but also to a great time to study the phases of life content from Generation Sigma. A fun part of the staff meeting is that we start the day […]

See How God is at Work on Campus: Melvin Jackson

Within Cru, life change is one of the things we love to celebrate. Often times, sharing your own story of how God has changed your life is an effective way to help someone else grow in their faith. We have encouraged our students to share this type of story as a way to reach out […]

The Top Sights and Sounds from Ozark Lakes 2016: Week One

It has been a really fun week here in the Ozarks. Students have arrived and provided a great energy for the summer mission. Here are the best sights and sounds from the first week! We caught up with a few students and asked them why they were excited about Ozark Lakes.