Ben Rector on Creativity

One of my favorite musicians is Ben Rector. His musical talent combined with relatable lyrics frequently push his songs to the top of my playlists. When I stumbled across this video I was interested to hear his thoughts on writing those great lyrics. Check out what Ben has to say about his creative process.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear him talk about needing discipline in the creative process. He was right, I assumed creative people just had a talent or skill set that I did not. In reality, discipline is what fuels their creativity.

Also, he said defining your goals is key to success. This is something that I have written aboutĀ before. However, Ben does a great job explaining how to channel all of your energy toward effectively accomplishing those goals.

Lastly, the most encouraging thing he said was pointing out how easy it is to over-steward. Personally, feeling the pressure of success often causes me to over-steward. This becomes evident when you continue to put more effort, energy and investment into something, becasue from finding success in that area is how you feel value and significance. This will cause us to neglect other areas of our sphere of inluence. He mentioned this being evident when he talked about how his wife would ask him, “Did you hear anything I said?” I appreciate him talking honestly and advising us not to over-steward our sphere of influence.

I look forward to seeing his career continue to succeed and listen to more of his great music. Check out his song Fear off his new album, Brand New. It’s a great song. In the meantime, we would all be wise to listen to his advice.



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