Monthly Archives: January 2016

Ben Rector on Creativity

One of my favorite musicians is Ben Rector. His musical talent combined with relatable lyrics frequently push his songs to the top of my playlists. When I stumbled across this video I was interested to hear his thoughts on writing those great lyrics. Check out this video where he talks about his creative process.


God Is Transcendent and Immanent: Okay, Now What?

Wayne Grudem states in his book, Systematic Theology, that there are two ways in which God relates to creation. God is transcendent from creation and immanent within creation…

10 Industry Professionals Agree: Workplace Ministry Is Difficult

Spring Creek is a small creek running under Interstate 49 in Northwest Arkansas. On the outer banks of the creek was where Spring Creek Custom Machining was founded. Putting my Business Degree to good use, I worked for Spring Creek after college. This small family owned business was a great growing experience for me. One of the biggest things I learned: Ministry in the workplace is VERY difficult.

Student Leader Spotlight: Connor Boldly Shares Christ in South Dallas

I was standing in the Omni Hotel, talking to groups of students that were considering attending the Ozark Lakes summer mission trip. After I wrapped up talking to a small group of students, Connor ran up to me grinning from ear to ear and said,  “Dude, I lead someone to Christ today!” Connor and I […]