Mark Richt on Results

Following a last minute win versus defending SEC East Champion Missouri, Georgia head football coach Mark Richt delivered one of the most pointed and yet unpredictable post game answers I have heard. As a man, who often feels my value is only from what I produce, I appreciated Coach Richt using his platform to speak an important truth into the life of his kicker, as well as to the reporters after the game. We have to understand that our value is not from what we produce, but from what Christ has done for us on the cross. Thanks Coach Richt for the reminder. Check back next week for more about our value and how it is related to success.



  1. […] a last second field goal to win the game, Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt talked to the media.  A reporter asked Richt what he told his kicker before he kicked the game winner. “I told […]


  2. […] in creating a weekly meeting that students wanted to come back to. Wrestling with the idea that my value is dependent on my success, I felt a ton of stress to perform my job well. My response to this stress was the biggest mistake […]


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