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The Key to “Grasp God’s Word”

As I headed to the lobby I was greeted with a warm “You’re not a Cardinals fan are you?” I immediately thought, “You have got to be kidding me. Sometimes I can’t catch a break!” Matt is a lifelong Cubs fan, who grew up in Chicago. Of course the night the Cubs and Cardinals played, I had to sit through it with a die hard Cubs fan.


Student Leader Spotlight: Tanner Larson

The events of Thursday night’s unfold in a frantic rush for the weekly leadership team at Oklahoma State Cru. Prior to the meeting, we set up the sound, the band practices, we run through the program with the emcees, do a last minute check on the power point, pass out comment cards and pens and […]

5 Principles Generation Sigma Will Teach You

After a last second field goal to win the game, Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt talked to the media.  A reporter asked Richt what he told his kicker before he kicked the game winner. “I told him ‘I want you to know I love you no matter what happens…’” Richt recalled. The coach continued, “…I think student athletes, and […]

Mark Richt on Results

Following a last minute win versus defending SEC East Champion Missouri, Georgia head football coach Mark Richt delivered one of the most pointed and yet unpredictable post game answers I have heard. As a man, who often feels my value is only from what I produce, I appreciated Coach Richt using his platform to speak […]

How A Car Ride in Thailand Helped Me Set Goals

Driving in the car is often when I find myself having some of the best conversations. This particular car ride had a back drop different than most of my other rides. To begin with, it was December and yet it was 90 degrees outside. The windows were up with the air conditioner on to keep the […]