Monthly Archives: October 2015

Killing Lions Video Series

The Killing Lions video series is exactly what men today need to be reminded of. The guys at And Sons Magazine suggest that manhood has lost some of its meaning in today’s culture. In a world where so much of what we do is easy and comfortable, they reject the idea of being soft and embrace a […]

Dr. Henry Cloud on Dealing with People

On Friday mornings the Oklahoma State CRU staff team gathers for our second staff meeting of the week. We recently listened to a talk by Dr. Henry Cloud on “How to Deal With People”. Here are some valuable insights: Relationships are the number one factor in determining if someone is successful or not. Imagine a ski […]

Older Men

A guy learns a lot over the years. How to change your oil. How to shoot a deer rifle. How to run Twins Right 34 Iso on two. Something that I have learned is to listen to older men. Older wiser men are key to our success as young men. Something I have learned from an […]