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It’s the best sports event of the year. Enjoy the friends, the food, the commercials and the game! Here is the link for the poll for the week! If you would like, feel free to a bonus poll for extra points this week. Also, if you have any friends that would like to connect to […]

Remember when Chuck Knoblauch turned from All-Star second basemen to a guy that couldn’t throw to first base? Recently, Jon Lester’s battle to pick off runners at first has brought a fascinating mental phenomenon back into the headlines. The yips can turn a Rookie of the Year winner into struggling minor leaguer. Just ask Rick Ankiel. The yips are also known […]

As your foursome stands in a circle, one of the players flicks the tee into the air. As its flying end over end, you are hoping that it doesn’t fall pointing at you. If it does, you have to be the first to tee off in front of the people watching in the clubhouse, those waiting […]

No doubt you have been here before. Studying a new passage of the Bible brings you to this place. Having a friend from a different denomination or religion can bring you here. Reading through Romans 9-11 almost always brings me to this place. It is a place of confusion and frustration. It makes me wonder if I have […]

A perk of being on staff with Cru is the connections I get to make. Many times a year I get to connect with people that are engaged in the mission of Christ and that God is using in meaningful ways across the world. Often times, I am thinking about what I have learned from others […]

We are back on campus and can’t wait to see how God works this semester. This past week was our first back for the Spring. After many great giveaways, a leadership meeting, our first Bible study and the first Cru meeting of 2017, we closed out a great week. The week began by gathering our […]

Over the years, being outside has added many benefits to my life. With the outdoors, I find… A place to rest my mind. A place to connect with friends. A place to reflect on what I am learning. A place to be in awe of God’s creativity. A place to be still. Since moving to […]

Here is the poll for this week…